24Bulls Broker Review

Beware, 24bulls.com is a Binary Options Scam Broker

logo 24bulls24bulls.com is making a splash in the binary market through its innovative features and a web based user friendly interface. A group of financial experts and players of this market have developed this platform for the investors. It is one such spot which aims to provide a superior trading experience while trading in Stocks, currencies, indices, commodities.


The interface of this portal is quite user friendly which is comfortable both for novices and veterans of this sector. There is an online education guide portal which contains video tutorials and expert advices to assist the trader in his moves. The payout percentage varies with the type of asset traded. Therefore after analyzing the risk appetite and the amount invested, the experts guide the traders as to which asset would turn out according to his expectations. On the other hand those who are the big players of this market, the expert advice help them to explore the hidden horizons of this area to make profits like never before.
24bulls.com has incorporated a Risk-O-Meter and a market sentiment indicator which assists in judging the position of the trader. The risk factor of the portfolio and the return percentage is reflected once a trader logins into his account. Daily market updates, highs and lows in stock prices, amalgamation and merger deals which can have an effect on stock prices, policies changed affecting the commodity prices are all discussed in the updates. This helps the trader in deciding his future course of action.


The payout percentage based on past performance is highlighted along with the asset. Along with the appropriate strategy whether to buy a call or put or sell cull/put is mentioned to help the trader in understanding the basics and relevance of this platform. The payout for money trades can go as up as 85% and the unsuccessful trades also entitle the trader to be eligible for a rebate of 15%. Such kind of return on initial deposit is unmatchable.


Every website has different kinds of clientele. Keeping in view this diversity there are four accounts offered by 24bulls.com. These include starter accounts (also known as basic and plus type accounts), standard accounts, premium accounts and Islamic accounts. The accounts are differentiated on the basis of initial deposits and the services. Those who are novice should take up starter accounts and as they proceed in this journey of trading they can gradually shift to other accounts. The premium account holders are given many facilities. They have their personal account holder and access to premium services of the website. The Islamic account holders are eligible for all the benefits provided to standard and premium members and they are governed purely upon Sharia laws.


The portal offers a free demo account. This account can be opened without any money. The motto of this special privilege to the new potential members is to make them aware of the functioning of this platform. This gives an idea as to how to trade and how much to trade in different assets.
The second special fact about this portal is that it is functioning in 11 different languages across the world. So a trader gets a wide competition base as the website ranks the best position holders. These ranks are on the basis of profit made in a particular span of time. When traders across the globe are trading through common platform it gives opportunity to learn a lot.


When it comes to trading, safety is one measure which cannot be compromised. Therefore 24bulls.com maintains full privacy and secrecy of the information of the clients and the transactions. The portal is money laundering and cyber crime proof. It adheres to all the principles and norms set by the higher authorities. The security measures include encryption of data for transmission, regular monitoring of accounts and the balances, stringent protocols for identification, segregation between funds of client and the company and the payment portals of this website are completely certified and reliable. The deposit and withdrawal of funds can be linked through the credit or debit card of the trader also. All kinds of major cards including Maestro, Visa, Master Card, Visa Electron, Diners, and Solo are accepted by these brokers. It is recommended to Keep the mode of withdrawing and depositing identical as it helps in reconciling easily.


The Stock options, currency options, indices, commodities futures and options are some of the assets that are available to trade in binaries. It allows trading in pairs wherein two most competitive assets are paired up to maximize the returns of the trader. Some of examples of those pairs include Gold and silver in metals, Amazon vs. Alibaba as two e-commerce giants, RBS vs. HSBC in banking sector etc. Some of the indices which have high market cap and are available for trade at 24bulls.com are NIKKIE, NIFTY, Hang Seng, Topix 100 etc. They are reflected along with their payouts and strategy which can channelize the funds properly and profitably. Trading in Silver, copper, gold and such highly priced commodities are quite enticing and lucrative if appropriate strategy is followed. The binary trading is speculative trading and thus there is no physical delivery of the asset in it. Thus traders are given knowledge as to how to maximize the profit through margins.


With 24bulls.com, traders cannot only earn through the profit margins but also through bonuses. The members are provided with welcome bonus which can go as high as $2500. This bonus is given as a reward and token of thanks for choosing this broker over the rest. If the trader refers 24bulls.com to some of his friends and that friend joints this portal through the referral then the existing trader as well as ne member are rewarded with bonus of $25.


The website is designed sleekly and it is quite easy to navigate through its options. It is great platform where over 90 financial markets can be explored through four major asset classes. Proper planning saves the trader from the loss on trades and gives an opportunity to earn high without worrying about the complexity of operations.

24Bulls Broker Review
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