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6ption.com Binary Options Broker Is No Longer In Operation

6option logoEfficient trading is like catching the whale from the sea in the first shot when you have gone for fishing! And this is not possible every time! But if you have got the right bait and the proper technique then you can definitely accomplish this task. Similar is the case with binaries. They are vast but easy to understand and this is the reason why many brokers have transitioned their arena to binaries. They provide you with appropriate direction where you should heed depending upon your risk appetite and investment amount. 6option.com formed in 2013 is one such portal which carries out deep research for its traders to make sure that they sail in the boat of profit. Here are some of the aspects of this website. Take a look!


6option.com provides four different types of trading accounts so that they are suitable for every type of trader. They include starter, standard, Premium and VIP. All types of accounts have different subscription amount and different services. The bonus amount also varies from account to account. It is 50% for starter and 150% for VIP account holders. VIP accounts also get a personal account manager and one-on-one trading. Those who want to begin with basic should go for starter account as there is minimum risk involved. There is Islamic Account also which operates completely under the Sharia Laws. The benefit extended to these account holders is similar to those of Standard and Premium account holders. The minimum trading size is just $5 and the minimum deposit amount is $200 while the maximum trading size if $5000.


This platform offers quite a user friendly interface. It displays the fluctuations, sentiments and volatility of currencies, stocks, commodities and indices numerically as well as in percentage form to give a full understanding to the trader. One of its features which stand it apart from other brokers is that it displays the opening as well as closing prices of the assets traded on it, these rules out the rough phenomenon of average prices which fail to reflect the true position and profit of the trader. It is a web based interview which can be accessed easily through the desktops and laptops having internet. The site also offers a compatible platform for the smart phones and tablets.


The brokers offer touch or no touch option for the traders. In this technique the trader has to bid on a price which he expects that the stock would reach. If his estimated price touches the actual price then the profit is straightly credited to the account of trader.
If touch or no touch option is not viable to the trader then there is another option as well. In the earlier option it becomes a little difficult to predict the actual price therefore this second option is known as range option. The trader has to estimate the range within which the value of asset may fall in the given trading time. This helps in having a correct knowledge of the market.


To attract the traders and increase their interest in trading the website offers various types of bonuses. These additional bonuses increase the wallet money of the trader and put him into the bracket of a rich trader and are thus lucrative. These bonuses are kind of free money. If your first trade ends in out of money then the loss would be deducted from your bonus amount and you can engage into new trade with the amount you actually invested. Here are some of the bonuses:

  • Welcome bonus: It is received after the trader opens the account. It is a reward for a trader to associate with the website portal. It is kind of first trial money. It may extend from 50% to 150% of the deposit amount depending upon the amount deposited.
  • Trade Insurance bonus: When the trader attains the trading volume equivalent to the 15 times of the initial deposit amount then this bonus can be withdrawn by the trader.
  • Refer Bonus: It feels privileged to be referred by someone! If you refer somebody and that person joins up this platform then you are credited with a referral bonus as a reward of your contribution in making more traders associated with this platform. Needless to say that your friend would be rewarded with a welcome bonus!


The accounts and the money transaction to and from the clients is well secured and safe. The payment portals pass the double security mechanism and therefore quite safe. Even in the unlikely event of insolvency of the company, the client’s funds are kept in separate bank accounts and will be given to the trader safely. As prescribed by the higher authorities it has done adequate provision to deal with the issues of money laundering and cyber crimes so that the potential and confidential information of the client is not harmed in any manner.


The website has left no stone unturned in providing its traders a reliable and knowledgeable platform. The site features eBooks, training material, video tutorials and an extensive online education spot to provide complete educational support to the traders. The blogs and the written material are all penned down by the professionals who are evolved in trading and are aware about every minute detail of it. The video tutorials are also given by the experienced who themselves have been exposed to practical situational trading. The market analysts and the professionals bring out a worthy combination.


The website is completely user friendly, not only in operating interface but is also concerned about the value of money. Therefore it provides for an option to open a demo trading account with them. This account is opened without putting real money. It is just a medium to familiarize with the state-of –the-art binary option platform. When the trader is comfortable and understands the basic trading after going through all the steps then he can go for the paid membership.


This comprehensive trading platform is the need of this competitive environment. Trader wants an all-in-one spot for all his trading requirements and this site can offer it.

6option Broker Review
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