Binary Options Trading with Neteller

When it comes to choosing a binary options broker, we are always reminded to do our research carefully to ensure that the binary option broker is reliable, trustworthy and regulated. The same also holds true when it comes to selecting a payment processor. Ideally, we want to sign up with a payment processor that is dependable, secure and one that charges the lowest fees. Following the seizure of Liberty Reserve by the U.S Government in 2013, finding the right payment processor has never been more important for those who frequently have to transfer funds online. Fortunately, there are several other good options that we can conside , among them is NETELLER.

Established in 1999, NETELLER is owned and managed by Paysafe Group Plc (formerly Optimal Payments Plc), a company that is listed on the London Stock Exchange and a component stock of the FTSE 250 market index. For close to two decades, NETELLER has acted as an epayment gateway to customers from more than 100 different countries. This eWallet is extremely popular among online gamblers and forex traders as it has proven to provide a safe and secure method of transferring funds in an easy and efficient manner. Today, NETELLER handles more than $1 billion worth of funds transfers.

Best Binary Broker with NETELLER

Given the ease of transferring and receiving funds through a NETELLER ewallet, it is advisable to select a binary options broker that supports deposits and withdrawals through a NETELLER account. In addition to being safe and secured, the transaction fee imposed by NETELLER is one of the lowest in the industry hence making it a cost effective way of transferring funds. With the availability of the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard, this means that you can get your withdrawn funds even quicker. In other words, binary brokers that support NETTELLER as one of their deposit or withdrawal options are preferable to those who don’t support the NETELLER fund transfer option. Below is a list of recommended binary options brokers that support NETELLER.

How to Deposit with NETELLER

One of the main reasons for the popularity of NETELLER among its user base is the ease of use of the NETELLER ewallet system. With the clear-cut instructions provided by NETELLER, a user of this ewallet can easily make deposits from and receive funds directly into his NETELLER account. Before you can transfer funds through NETELLER though, you will need to open an account first of course.

Opening an Account with NETELLER

To open an account with NETELLER you just have to fill out the online registration form. Once you have completed the form and submitted it, you will receive a confirmation email detailing the second step of the account opening procedures which is how to active your account. The instructions will require you to provide the ACCOUNT ID that you designated, the “SECURE ID” contained in the email and the password that you have selected. Once you have completed the steps, your NETELLER account will become active and can be funded. At this point in time, you will be able to receive funds directly into your NETELLER ewallet. However if you wish to transfer funds to your binary options broker using your NETELLER account, you will need to fund the ewallet first. It should be noted that NETELLER is registered as an “Authorised Electronic Money Institution” with the UK’s FCA and does not provide any lending facilities to the customers.

Funding the NETELLER Account

To fund your NETELLER account, there are several options such as local bank deposit, bank wire transfer and credit or debit cards. To add money to your ewallet, simply click on the “Money In” button to display the available deposit options. Take note that the availability of these options is dependent on your country of residence.

Once the deposit options are displayed, just click on your preferred option. Once the funds are credited into your NETELLER ewallet, you can now transfer the available funds to your broker from your trading account at the broker’s end.

To receive funds into your NETELLER account from your broker, simply designate your NETELLER ewallet for the receipt of the funds.

Net+ Prepaid MasterCard

Apart from the ewallet, NETELLER has in recent years introduced another transaction option for their customers which is the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard. This card is in everyway identical to the traditional credit/debit card. The key difference is the balance of the card is linked to the NETELLER ewallet account rather than a bank account. If the balance of the NETELLER account is positive, the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard can be used for withdrawals at ATM or purchases at any POS or linked to your binary options trading account. In other words, the withdrawals that you make from the broker’s end can be transferred to your Net+ Prepaid MasterCard letting you have quicker access to your funds.


In terms of security, the security level at NETELLER is top notch. First, NETELLER is a licensed and Authorised Electronic Money Institution by the FCA. As for their electronic security, all transactions are secured with 128 bit encryption and additional security features such as ID verification and real time monitoring of transactions.

NETELLER Compared To Other Deposit Methods

Among the all the ewallet options that are available today, NETELLER is the preferred choice for more than 180 million customers worldwide. The only ewallet service which can surpass NETELLER’s client base is Paypal, with 197 million users. However when we factor in the cost of the transaction fee, NETELLER is able to offer a lower transaction fee as compared to Paypal.


Overall, NETELLER has made opening an account with them uncomplicated with a well thought out site design. All the information is laid out in a clear and legible manner making it easy to navigate their website. In addition, they also provide a comprehensive FAQ and 24/7 dedicated customer support service to assist any customers who require assistance. Their quality of service is also beyond reproach given the fast and efficient manner which all transactions are carried out.


  • What are the brokers accepting NETELLER?

Some of the leading binary options brokers that accept NETELLER include:


IQ Option


  • Is it safe to use NETELLER?

Yes. NETELLER is authorized and regulated by the UK’s FCA. In addition, NETELLER employs several anti fraud features using the latest available technology to prevent online fraud.

  • Are there any limits using NETELLER?

No. There are no specific limitations to using NETELLER except those restrictions which are imposed by some governments on their citizens.

Binary Options Trading with Neteller
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