Manage Your Money And Assets In Binary Options Trading

Discipline is essential when binary options trading. Anyone who is serious about making profits through their trading must develop a money management strategy that works in order to minimise their losses and maximise their chances of staying in profit. A key part of this is establishing one’s own maximum and minimum losing limit, with the idea being that once that limit has been reached, one will cease trading regardless of how much money has been lost or gained. There are numerous money and asset management strategies for binary options trading aimed at helping traders to enjoy the best possible chance of success without suffering too badly from losses. Here are some of the best.

Numbers of Wins and Numbers of Losses

asset managementThis is a very common strategy which involves setting a daily total of losses or wins for oneself. Once the limit has been attained, trading must immediately cease. For example, if the trader sets a maximum winning limit of 10 times a day, once they have reached 10, they will end their trading for the rest of that day. This prevents the problem of getting caught up in the excitement of making a profit and therefore giving in to the recklessness that pushes them onwards to overtrading. A maximum loss limit should also be set i.e. perhaps after losing 10 trades per day, trading must end until the following day. This means that there will be no more temptation to attempt to gain the investment back by continuing to trade.

Percentage of Loss

This is very similar to the above strategy, however the limit is measured in percentages. This is a more permissive strategy as you are not limited by the number of trades but by the percentage of your trades in which you have been unsuccessful. So, for example, you may set your limit at a loss of 20% of your trades and you will only stop when this limit has been reached. If you do well one day, you may reach 100 trades or more before experiencing losses of 20% of your total, whereas on a bad day, this may take place after just 10 trades.

Amounts of Wins and Losses

This strategy sets a financial amount as your daily limit. So, for example, you may decide that you will stop when you have won a maximum of $200 per day, or when you have lost $100 in a day’s trading.

Number of Trades

Similar to the above strategies, a trader will cease their daily trading once they have executed a specific number of transactions, regardless of their outcome.

Winning Ratio

If a trader’s winning ration drops below a given level, for example 80%, they should cease trading for the day. The winning ratio that applies to you should be calculated after every single executed trade to ensure you know the right point at which to stop.

Tips for Money Management

A newcomer to the financial markets should always start out with a low risk strategy, progressing to a higher risk one as confidence and experience increases. However, whether you are opting for a low or high risk strategy, the most important thing is to remain disciplined and always stick to the set limits regardless of what takes place. It is possible to combine several strategies together to make a safer money management plan, but remember that you must stop trading whenever one of the strategies has been met.
Being a disciplined trader with excellent money management skills will set you in good stead throughout your trading experience, and is the best way to becoming successful and profitable.

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Manage Your Money And Assets In Binary Options Trading
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