How to Choose the Best Binary Trading Platform

Binary options trading is a great way to make a significant profit by accessing and trading the financial market, however it is essential to select the right binary options platforms to ensure success. Choosing one of the top binary options platforms can have a major impact on a trader’s overall success. There are a number of factors which need to be considered when making a choice between the various binary options software providers on the market today. Here we will look at the different aspects to be borne in mind so that you can make an informed decision as to which are the best binary trading platforms for your needs.

Return Rates

It is important to choose one of the top binary options platforms that offer a good return rate on profitable trades. A platform which offers at least a minimum of a 68% to 70% return rate is the best option, with a trader being able to make greater profits when the platform offers a higher percentage of returns. Because payouts can be determined before trading, it is easy for traders to understand the loss rate and profit before they place a binary option trade, and therefore they can choose accordingly.

Most traders want to select one of the binary options software providers that offer a great variety of assets to choose from. The best binary trading platforms all offer a good selection including commodities, stocks, currency pairs, Bitcoins and market indices across many industries and global markets. This enables traders to enjoy a greater variety of choice, selecting various assets to complement and develop their binary options trading strategy. While some platforms allow traders to access hundreds of different assets, others restrict their users to a much smaller number, so it is essential to check that the particular assets that you are interested in trading are available from your chosen platform.


Another key facet of binary options platforms is that they should offer plenty of flexibility with regard to trade execution. Apart from offering a good choice of assets, they should also allow traders to trade binary options across a range of expiration times. Traders should always choose binary options platforms that suit their trading style, so looking for a platform that offers both short-term (such as 30 second and one minute) expiry times and long-term (such as weekly) expiry times is a good idea.


In these modern times, increasing numbers of traders prefer to trade while they are on the move. Top binary options platforms ensure that this need is met by offering advanced mobile trading platforms. Traders who prefer to trade on the go will be able to generate additional income and execute trades at convenient times by accessing software on mobile devices such as tablets, iPads and smartphones. Around 40% of binary options trades today take place on mobile devices, so it is vital to select binary options software providers who have a technologically advanced approach and have developed mobile responsive sites if you are a trader who wants to be able to access your trading account no matter where you are.


Electronic trading platformIt goes without saying that you should always look for binary options platforms that have a good reputation in the industry so that you can rest assured that your finances and personal details are in safe and trustworthy hands. You should take the time to check online expert and user reviews of your chosen platforms in order to check how well they perform before making a final decision about which are the best binary trading platforms for you.

Customer Support

A high quality customer support team should never be underestimated. Whether a novice trader or someone who has plenty of experience in the field, there are still bound to be occasions when some assistance is required or a question needs to be answered. Take the time to check the extent of customer service facilities that are available to registered traders. Most of the best binary trading platforms offer multiple ways of contacting their support teams including email contacts, telephone helplines and even online chat facilities. Remember to check the languages that support is offered in as well as the hours of operation to ensure that their support centre can meet your needs. You should also read user reviews to check how responsive each platform’s customer support team is, as you will want to be certain that any queries will receive a prompt and efficient response.

Funding Options

It is imperative to select binary options software providers that offer a range of quick account funding options. As a trading opportunity can crop up rapidly, it is vital that a trader can credit funds to their account safely and quickly in order to take the best advantage of trading opportunities. It is best to choose binary options platforms that offer a selection of ways to pay funds into an account including traditional methods like MasterCard, Visa and bank transfer as well as more contemporary e-Wallet methods like Skrill.


Many of the top binary options platforms offer excellent bonuses and promotions both to existing and to newly registered traders. It is possible to maximise profits by taking advantage of one of these deals offered by one of the best binary trading platforms.


Always choose a binary options software provider that has a safe and secure website so that your personal and financial data will never be compromised. A site which has SSL security will guarantee that your credit card information will be securely encrypted and therefore protected from any potential hacking problems.
If you consider all of the above factors when comparing the various platforms that are available on the market today, you are certain to be able to choose the best binary trading platforms to suit your needs. Making the right choice of platform will enable you to achieve success in your binary options trading venture and to have the best chance of maximising your profits.

How to Choose the Best Binary Trading Platform
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