Jivy Group Software Review

JivyGroup logoIf you are interested in trying your hand at binary options trading, you will want to know which is the best trading platform to suit your needs. There are so many different providers on the market that it can be difficult to know which one is most suited to your requirements, whether for example their trading platform is accessible enough for beginners or offers advanced analytical functions that are perfect for experienced traders. This Jivy Group review helps you to discover all of the information that you need to make an informed choice.

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Jivy Group’s MarketsPulse Trading Platform

MarketsPulse is part of the Jivy Group, and have been producing techcnological solutions since 2008 to the financial industry. It has now become the platform provider of choice for many top regulated brokers, including Hantec Markets, Apari.ru and FXTrade Financial.

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The MarketsPulse platform is considered to be one of the best in the industry. Unlike some of the interfaces offered by larger competitors, this trading platform is both modern and elegant with excellent visuals and is intuitive enough for even novices to quickly get to grips with the dfferent aspects and services provided.
The platform can also be easily customised to suit the preferences of the user, allowing them to select the graphs and features that are most necessary to suit their individual trading style. The graphs generated are colourful and vivid, while the platform still remains attractive and simple to understand. The use of colour can assist in drawing the trader’s eye to all of the essential elements of the screen, helping them to execute their trades as rapidly and conveniently as possible – an essential element in the fast-paced world of binary options trading.
Not only is this platform highly customisable but it also offers the highest level of security to ensure the privacy of traders’ accounts and personal information. It is easy to install on a PC and can be activated rapidly to allow trading in as short a time as possible. The platform can also be used in a number of languages to suit the needs of each user.
There are a great choice of products available for trading within the MarketsPulse trading platform, including the following:


The classic contract type, high/low options enables traders to place a trade based on whether they believe that the price of their chosen asset will be either above or below the current market price at the time of its expiry.

Close Out

This option minimises traders’ risk by allowing them to close out their chosen trade before the end of its expiry period if it looks like they will make a loss and finish out of the money.

One Touch

One Touch is a popular trade type in which an asset must touch a specified level at least once during the period before its particular expiry time in order for the investor to finish in the money and to make a profit.

Weekly One Touch

Just like One Touch options, Weekly One Touch options works in the same way but with an expiry period of one week.


Another popular trading choice for more advanced traders, this option allows a trader to identify both a lower and higher level within which a price will stay or that it will move outside during its lifetime before its expiry period ends. Should the trader select “in”, their option will finish in the money if their asset’s price stays within the boundaries while if they select “out”, they will be in the money should their asset’s price exceed those boundaries.
The MarketsPulse trading platform has an in-built risk management system which helps to control and minimise the level of risk faced by traders who can adjust their pricing system to match their goals.

Jivy Group Binary Options Software for Mobile Devices

The trading platform software offered by Jivy Group has been designed with the needs of modern traders in mind. Increasing numbers of investors today are turning to mobile trading, preferring to place their trades and check their assets while on the move instead of from their home or office PC. The convenience of being able to access their trading account anywhere cannot be underestimated, and therefore Jivy Group have ensured that they have developed high quality mobile optimised software to make cross-device account use a breeze. They have created impressive mobile applications which can be downloaded by either Android or iOS operating systems. Compatible with both smartphones and tablets, they offer great functionality and advanced technology to keep investors trading on the go.

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Overall, the Jivy Group’s MarketPulse software is advanced enough to impress experienced traders while being intuitive and user friendly enough for beginners to get to grips with quickly. With plenty of binary options contract choices to select from and an easy to use mobile app, it is a solid and reliable choice for both new and advanced traders.

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Jivy Group Software Review
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