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o-system logoAny potential trader who is looking for the best binary options software will be looking for a reliable and reputable trading platform provider. O-Systems, although a relative newcomer to the market, is a trustworthy and secure provider that is based in Cyprus. Their cutting edge software puts them ahead of many of their competitors, and they provide plenty of options for trading a wide variety of assets. This is a platform provider that claims to promote a different approach towards binary options trading. They have a team of professional experts and risk analysists at their disposal and they are also keen to promote innovative and fresh ideas to improve the trading experience. Their aim is to provide complete satisfaction and better value for all traders and they ensure that their platform is not only administered by professionals but also regularly updated to keep it cutting edge.

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O-Systems are a white label complete binary options solution, backing up their state of the art risk management systems with high end software and skilled experts in the field. Here you can find out all the essential information to help you make a decision as to whether this provider is right for you in this O-Systems review.

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O-Systems Binary Options Software

As O-Systems has only recently entered the binary options platform market, it has the advantage of being able to learn from its competitors’ platform deficiencies. The software used by O-Systems on their trading platform is some of the most advanced out there, being the up to date OsyS 8.0 which has been specifically designed to resemble forex market web trading platforms. Many of the popular MetaTrader 4 features have been incorporated into O-Systems’ interface making it an easy to use and user friendly platform.

Trade Types Offered by O-Systems

Traders are able to take advantage of numerous trade types on the O-Systems platform including:


A classic binary options trade type, users are able to select an asset and predict whether its expiry price will be either above or below the market price. There are 4 classes of assets available – commodities, stocks, currency pairs and stock market indices.

Quick Options

The equivalent of short term options, quick options are a trade on the market’s fast lane. Quick Options are an up/down trade with a very short expiry time of between one to four minutes.

Long Term Options

These are up/down trades that have long expiry times that could be as long as one year. These are suited to the advanced trader.

O-Systems Binary Options Software Special Features

Smart Feed

The O-Systems software has a special Smart Feed TM pricing technology patented to their own platform. It provides the most accurate market asset prices while protected the broker from allowing a trade that has an incorrect market asset price. This Smart Feed technology is capable of accepting and assessing prices for countless assets from numerous independent feed sources and then using a complex algorithm in order to calculate an accurate price.

Buy More Time Feature

This feature enables traders to extend the expiry time of an open position for a period of between 10 and 30 minutes without the need to use the Rollover function. There is, however, a cost of this feature which is taken from the account balance.

Limit Order

This is a feature which enables a trader to open positions automatically or order trades when an asset’s price level reaches its price target.

Graph Display

This is a helpful feature which enables users to create their own individual trading room and to manage several options at the same time. Traders can also personalise their interface to suit their preferences with drag and drop symbols that can initiate new charts and multi-chart functionality.

Social Trading

The O-Systems platform incorporates a social trading feature so that traders are able to view other traders’ trades and limit orders and copy them from the Social Trading wall.

The Super Cash

This automatic feednoffers multiple trading suggestions to traders as well as recommendations that are in accordance with predefined variables like expiry time, asset and payouts over 100%.

Up to 99% payout per trade with O-Systems

Personalised Colour Options

Users can quickly and easily change the appearance of their platform with a single click. Traders are able to switch easily from black to white or back again for a temporary change to suit preference.

Japanese Candlestick

This professional feature has recently been introduced to the platform to improve traders’ experiences. Every candlestick represents a specific time period which can be individually selected. These candlesticks can then be used to analyse market volume. The colours of the candlesticks represent either the buy or sell force of the asset with the top of the candlestick representing the asset’s highest price and the bottom of it representing its lowest price.

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O-Systems Software Review
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